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CVbrowser has been at the forefront of candidate promotion for over a decade and we constantly receive feedback from recruiters looking for that right person. Over the years the number one gripe amongst recruitment managers, in all industries, at every level, is poor CV presentation.

The first impression your CV makes on your behalf is crucial in determining whether you get a call for interview or a ‘thank you for your application, but’ letter. Research ‘CV tips’ on the internet and without exception, spelling and grammar will always be there as the ultimate CV sin. So we all know it, but why are CVs still being binned everyday for incorrect spelling and poor grammar?

It’s so easily done and it’s one of the reasons most articles that get published online or put into print are proof-read by a professional to ensure these author elusive mistakes are found and corrected.

In a drive to banish interview blocking CVs from existence CVbrowser will check your CV for:


The absolute number one error that jumps out of the page to all but the author of the document, spelling mistakes are unforgiveable.


If you’re having trouble with your verbs or your adverbs and tenses are making you, well tense, let us give your CV the once over and eradicate those nasty grammatical gaffes.


Creating well formed sentences will help you get your message across to the reader and will ultimately make your application stronger.

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Please note, this is not a CV writing service

Our CV checker is a detailed proof read and correction service for candidates’ CVs. We are unable to write new content on your behalf or create a CV from scratch as this is a much more in-depth service that we currently do not offer. For a list of companies that can write CVs for you please take a look at our Career Centre for recommendations.